Prolific Javascript Engineer.

Reactive Thinker and Open source player

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const aboutMe = {

      name : Vijayakrishna,

      city: Bangalore,

      country: India,

      role : Software Engineer,Front End , 

      organization: Razorthink Inc,

      totalExperience: 3 yrs,



            organization: Cartoon Mango Studios,

            location : Bangalore,India,

            experience:  May-15 to July-17 (2yrs)

            position: Javascript Engineer/Project Owner,

            work: "Started my career as a junior web developer in Cartoon Mango Studios. Worked in HTML,CSS

                        for three months and shifted my focus towards Javascript.

                        Worked for for a year as a contract employee with UI developer role focusing on

                        Javascript and jquery.

                        Built amazing features for the product and delivered the same following typical agile process

                        Got an opportunity to explore a huge code base and work on different parts of code fixing bugs

                        and improving features

                        Took ownership of a product named caselets and engineered the entire application using React

                        and Redux,Firebase and Material UI

                        Played the key role in database design and scope modifications of the whole project"

           Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux, Firebase,      



            organization: Razorthink Inc,

            location : Bangalore,India,

            experience:  July-17 to present

            position: Software Development Engineer I ,Front End

            work: "Joined Razorthink as a core front end developer focusing mainly in react,redux,redux-saga,api

                         integration and performance optimization

                         Currently working with a amazing Product team called Bigbrain.Bigbrain is an intelligent AI

                         powered platform for predicting future buisiness heuristics analysis and revenue analysis

                         Being a core memeber of the front end team apart from building and implementing awesome

                         features for the product I also contribute to setting up the project using webpack react, react

                         router etc.

                         Playing a key role in improving the performance of the product and the development environ


                          Key contributions were 

                              1.Integrating Jupyter notebook with Bigbrain 

                              2.Writing own webpack plugin for deployment purposes"

                              3. Writing solid reusable components 

            Tech Stack:  React, Redux, Redux-saga, Jest, Jupyter Notebook, Webpack,       





         project: React Ace,

         role:  Contributor,




       project: Webtorrent-desktop,

       role: Tracker,





      role: Contributor,



     .... more)